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Intelligent Automated Guest experience system

What is Servr?

Servr is a fully automated simple, customisable solution to move hotels into the future generation by putting all guest services on one platform, from front desk to revenue management, every process is easier, faster and more connected.

The Servr mission

Our mission is to help customers provide the most superior level of customer service and guest experience through the ground breaking, state-of-the-art software platform.
Our core values emphasize our passion for the leisure industry through continuous innovation and customer supremacy. Our vision is to revolutionize the hotel experience through the power of intelligent technology

Servr Hotels

What is included in the Platform

Fast and contactless check-in

Live chat with your


Reserve a table at
your restaurant

Notifying the guest's application with hotel promotions

Order room


service request

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Servr Hotels
Servr Hotels

How Servr will benefit your hotel

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Increase income

Increase orders:


within the application will be a promotional section which will be added, meaning that hotels can advertise their services or add promotions within the app, which would bring more income for your hotel, using Servr.


collection will show very clear information about guests habits, preferences and requirements will help making a tailored experience for the guest and improve income by letting your hotel know what items to promote to guests.


will be shown through the app to view & analyse the stock, giving better control for the hotel

The app will also have all orders tracked meaning no lost orders, through missed calls and human error.

Reduce costs

Less employees needed

Servr allows for a single staff member, per department, to manage guest inquiries on the application, instead of the usual multiple employees needed to operate traditional phone lines.

Using Servr, guests can order or inquire directly online with their smartphone, wherever they are and whenever they want. This allows for the hotel to have less waiting staff.

Guests can check in and out purely using Servr. This means that less employees are required in the front desk area, as well as allowing for less traffic within the reception, giving a more relaxed feeling to the guests.

Servr Hotels

Improve guest satisfaction

Convenience and ratings

Having a concierge on your phone allows guests to request any service they like at any time, anywhere for example ordering food on the beach with out needing staff. This creates a faster and more efficient platform for guests which leads to an increase of guest satisfaction.

Better hotel to guest relations

Servr allows more staff to be available to hotel guests as less employees are required to answer calls, this means guest relations will be greatly increased as they will have more face to face time with hotel staff.

Servr Hotels