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What is Servr GuestX?

Servr GuestX is a single fully automated application platform that is user-friendly, customizable with contactless operations to boost guest experiences and secure hotel systems.

GuestX Features

  • Check in page
  • Check out page
  • Live chat
  • Restaurant page
  • spa page
  • concierge page
  • experience page
  • analytics page

Check in page

Check in via Servr GuestX and you will gain access to all the hotel’s services and offers all at your fingertips on your mobile device.

Check out page

When you finish your stay, check out here and all your billing and invoices will be sent to you via the app

Live chat

If your native language is not covered within the 13 languages (and counting) that GuestX is translated into, our automatic translation system will off you immediate translations into any language of your choosing.

Restaurant page

Book a table, choose where you would like to sit and order your food and drinks all directly from the app. You can also order room service from GuestX if you want a bit more privacy.

Spa page

Fancy a spa treatment after a long hard day relaxing on your holiday? No problem. You can order the treatment you require at the time you prefer all directly from GuestX

Concierge page

Not enough towels? Run out of shampoo or need some shirts laundered and ironed? All of these services are available via a few keystrokes using GuestX on your mobile device

Experience page

GuestX allows you to discover all the extras a hotel has to offer, and also a list of local attractions and activities all vis the contactless Servr GuestX online app.

Analytics page

Servr’s Intelligent analytic tools provides you with powerful data collection that lets you understand your guests staying and buying patterns at your hotel like never before

How can Servr benefit your hotel ?

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Benefits For Hotels

Our mission is to transform the future of hospitality, and our Partners are an integral part of this revolution. Join a trusted, global network of Servr partners today

Servr's Hotel Operations

Servr streamlines your operations, using our powerful platform, Servr lets you control all aspects within your hotel, such as reservations, F&B, housekeeping, front office operations,automated check in and revenue management.

End to End Guest Journey

Provide your guests with the world’s best guest communication app. Servr lets you simply and easily cater to your guests and offer the highest level of satisfaction. With our automatic live chat translations, Servr allows your guests to completely enjoy the hotel’s services in any language, meaning no missed calls, no miscommunication, no language barriers, ever!

Intelligent Analytics & data collection

Servr’s Intelligent analytic tools provides you with powerful data collection that lets you understand your guests staying and buying patterns at your hotel like never before. Using Servr lets you find out where you can reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue through personalized promotions.

Hassle Free Payments

Servr’s intuitive application allows for fast, secure and automated payments allowing your guest to not worry about bills and receipts, and instead focus on experiencing the best your hotel has to offer. Servr integrated payment gateway uses automation to instantly process transactions with just a single click anytime and on an any device.

Cross Platform A.I Integration

Servr lets you integrate with absolutely any PMS or POS system. With:

  • No additional costs to us or your PMS
  • No matter if your PMS is outdated or if the version doesn’t support integrations
  • The shortest possible integration time

Other Features

Guest analytics, data collection, and revenue management

Customized and designed application

Upload unlimited restaurants and services to the app

Upload unlimited customizable experience buttons

Automatic live chat translation

Editable terms and conditions

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

13 Languages to date and more to come

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