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Yes. We are already providing the option of Branding, where the guest can see your hotel logo, as well as allowing you to update the theme according to your suitable color scheme and logo in the appearance tab on the CMS.

The app is available in 13 languages to date and all languages supported on the automatically translated live chat.

Each respective sector of the hotel will have its page on Servr to receive and accept orders, however, the live chat is globalized to allow all hotel staff to see the previous chat, allowing for a seamless guest experience flow.

Our Experience Tab on the App provides you with the opportunity to add any type of button or engagement directly on the guest’s phone. 

So you can guide your guests to the Hotel Website where they can sign up for the newsletter to stay on track with your newest updates and promotions. 

Also, once the guest is checked out, they can’t access the features on the App until and unless they are not checked in and accepted by the front office.

Up to 10 guests per booking can check-in at the same time using the app.

Absolutely! We do have an alert system that allows Servr to send a text or email to any specified manager or team member if a request, order, or live chat hasn’t been answered by the predetermined times. 

We can operate on any device with a web browser, including phones. This means the managers or the team will be then able to have the live chat available on their phones.

As part of our cloud hosting, we have Dual End Encryption, GDPR Compliance, which is the global standard of security regarding private information, and PCI Compliance, which will become official on July 7th.

The app allows you to use both credit cards and debit cards.