2022 Essentials for Hoteliers

The hospitality industry is yet to fully recover from the impact of the Covid – 19 as still the rates of occupancy and travel has been varying from one month to the other with regard to the country and safety. So what can hoteliers do to make the best out of 2022?

Decision-makers will check at your reviews, and the more 5-Star ratings you have and the fewer 3s, 2s, and 1s you have, the better your conversions, retention, and perceived value of your brand will be. Communication is the foundation of any relationship. As a result, the tools you need to have and use effectively are those that support communication excellence. In addition to the resources that every hotel should already have, such as CRMs, guest engagement messaging, and applications to assist improve speedy service and decrease friction, here are some more tools and methods to consider:

Adapt Plans:

We have to adapt our marketing plans based on the demands and try to capture the key market indicators. It may have been standard practice to plan company plans on a yearly basis, but the pandemic is changing the dynamics of travel too drastically for any choice to be long-term meaningful. Hoteliers will be able to determine when and how to connect with guests in a way that fosters long-term loyalty if important market indicators are evaluated on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing:

Digital media and advertising, which a poll of worldwide hotels found to be the most useful technology during the epidemic. According to a 2021 survey, over 79% of Hotelier hotels will prioritize their direct channels and that will make the hotels stay highly visible on the channels where passengers and travel agents seek and book when proactive email marketing is combined with personalized advertising and promotions on paid search, display, social, SEO, metasearch, and GDS.

A desk-free employee communication tool:

this enables all workers to receive current information, best practices, inspiration, vision, and objectives from leadership, as well as discuss triumphs and difficulties with colleagues and decision-makers. This fosters a caring, collaborative, and continual improvement culture.

A reservation CoBot:

nothing makes my heart sink quicker in hospitality than being redirected to a corporate office reservation center. Give your in-house bookings staff the help they need by having an AI bot handle all of the alternatives and computations for them, so they can focus on customized, gracious hospitality exclusively.

Track your numbers and collaborate with your team for solutions:

Track your scores on your own as efficiency is key, so why not assist your team in tracking feedback and improvements when there is so much revenue based on those scores? More than simply data, most systems will allow you to interact and cooperate with you on determining the root cause of problems and resolving them so they don’t reoccur. Your profitability will increase as your NPS grows.

Automation and Contactless Technology:

As travel resumes, so does the need to increase operational efficiencies, as guest expectations and priorities shift. Hotels all around the globe are required to provide a clean, sterilized atmosphere as well as good service standards. As occupancies rise, hotels will need to think outside the box to accommodate guest needs without negatively influencing satisfaction rankings. Social distancing is one of the many facets of hospitality operations that have altered as a result of COVID-19. Even in a business built on the human connection, hotels believe that both improved cleanliness and long-term reductions in guest contact are here to stay. Hotels will need to explore technology to enable a new era of contactless visitor involvement, from temperature checks upon entry to smartphone check-in and digital keys. Not only do these technologies make the guest’s life easier, but they also help the hoteliers.

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