Organizations have had to reconsider their guest management strategies in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s not only a matter of access control anymore. Risks to health and safety must now be monitored and managed by organisations. They must maintain thorough records and respond rapidly to developing situations. And they must take into account how everything affects the experience of both employees and customers.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the market for guest management software products is increasing. Over the next five years, it is anticipated that this market would more than double in size.


Therefore, should you purchase a guest management system? Consider a corporate guest management solution for these six strong reasons.

  1. Streamline cumbersome, manual processes.

Businesses can no longer afford to provide customers with experiences like paper sign-in logbooks and lengthy lines at the front desk. These procedures are digitalized using guest management software.

For pre-registration or to just scan their ID, guests can use a guest kiosk. The process of authenticating meeting information or approving the visit is automated and simplified, freeing staff from having to remind guests to sign a hardcopy logbook.

Additionally, you are not required to provide paper paperwork for things like NDAs to vendors or contractors. These may be effortlessly included in the workflow made possible by the programme.

  1. Reduce costs.

Manual methods of office administration and building security can be quite time-consuming. To better control the flow of guests and ensure everyone’s safety, several companies have found themselves forced to expand staffing at entrances, reception desks, and other locations throughout the facility.

These front-line responsibilities are frequently quite stressful, which is not good for the business from a financial standpoint or for the personnel.

You can redeploy your human resources to high-value jobs and perhaps save money by converting important elements of guest flows, like the check-in procedure, to an electronic system. offering a constant customer experience around-the-clock.

  1. Gain better visibility into guest activity.

Verify that everyone arriving, leaving, and remaining inside your building is authorised to be there.

Solutions for guest management software aid in the collection, tracking, processing, and archiving of this data. They will identify who is new and who is coming back. Additionally, they can assist with managing guest lists, RSVPs, estimated attendance, and group registration. Even watchlists can be integrated via technology.

With in-depth analytics, you have never-before-seen visibility into who is using your space, when they are using it, and how they are using it.

The information can also be used to guide corporate decisions. Do you think your entryways, for instance, are too crowded? Maybe your company has outgrown your premises, and it’s time to consider moving.

This kind of information might provide a significant competitive advantage for your business.

  1. Meet safety and compliance requirements.

Organizations now bear a bigger burden when it comes to maintaining employee wellness.

The good news is that you can manage your office very effectively using the same technology you would use for managing guests.

Guest management systems may assist you in managing the workplace for safety and provide you with a full audit trail, whether it’s automating temperature checks or lowering the danger of infectious disease transmission through the use of technology like touchless access control.

Depending on your sector, you might need to gather specific data from each person who joins your firm to comply with regulations. You can incorporate the appropriate screening questions into your check-in procedure to ensure that the right information is obtained and stored securely for the protection of both data and privacy.

Advanced solutions like touch-free, highly secure biometric readers can be readily integrated if you need to regulate access at the individual level.

  1. Integrate your other core systems.

A guest management system doesn’t need to operate independently from your other security measures. In reality, interfaces with your other systems, such as access control and identity management, will yield the greatest value.

Working with an experienced security partner who can help you design a solution that makes the best use of the systems you already have in place while incorporating the proper combination of new technologies is beneficial in this regard.

The objective is to provide a unified solution that enables you to manage guest flows, employee health and safety, and access control from a single platform with real-time event visibility and the reporting you need to increase everyone’s safety and satisfaction.


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