The shift towards contactless guest expertise is spreading like wildfire. many hotels around the world currently use technology solutions to automatize their check-in, in-room, and checkout experiences for visitors. COVID-19 has greatly popularized contactless technology because of the increasing awareness regarding potential risks that may be coupled with physical contact and touch. that’s why hoteliers are investing in additional innovative ways in which to deliver a hands-free experience to guests.

So what is Servr hotels and how can we help you with this?

Servr is a totally automated, easy, and customizable solution for future-proofing hotel systems and guest services by putting each thing onto one platform. From the front desk to revenue management, every method is easier, quicker, and higher connected.

Server hotels mission is to supply the hospitality business with a superior level of service and guest expertise through our innovative, progressive software package platform. Our core values emphasize our passion for the leisure industry through innovation and client supremacy. Our vision is to revolutionize the hotel experience through the facility of technology.

Since the reopening of international travel, providing contactless experiences has become the primary focus of major players in the hospitality industry. This includes offering contactless reservations, contactless payments, contactless check-in, in-room voice assistants, and contactless feedback acceptance. Hoteliers are all looking at the multiple touchpoints between staff and guests throughout the customer journey. Additionally, they track areas where contactless technology could be used to reduce exposure while maintaining brand uniqueness. Plus, the new generation of travelers wants the best experience at the best price with less friction and hassle.

With Servr hotels contactless experience, you can reserve and pay for a suitable room before you even arrive in the lobby. Upon arrival, all you have to do is find the stairs or lifts to locate the desired accommodation.

Technological solutions are disrupting the hospitality business by exchanging in-person touchpoints with safer and resistant self-service options. This includes self-service arrival and checkout kiosks, mobile (in-app) hotel steering guides, contactless in-room entertainment, AI-enabled voice assistants, and even concierge robots.

Servr is dynamical in the long run of the hospitality industry with its digital concierge system for hotels. A digital concierge is partaking as a result of its instant access to oversized info of data and may answer searches or queries quickly. Servr hotel larva permits hotels to receive and respond to queries or requests from guests while not the necessity for phone calls or queues at the reception desk.

Servr is addressing 2 of the largest issues within the hospitality industry—efficiency and profitability. Servr edifices technology is meant to fulfill the evolving demands of a replacement generation of travelers who want a service that seamlessly puts them in a chamber without abundant friction. This resolution is pioneering successive generations of on-demand hospitality by enabling an automatic check-in and check-out experience for guests, whereas generating exaggerated revenue for hotel homeowners at a similar time.

Servr is victimization deep learning to form personalized automation for quite 2000 hotels around the world. This platform is meant to extend guest satisfaction, revenue per booking, and overall operational efficiency. With Servr, guests will experience seamless and contactless arrival and checkout by playacting all activities from their personal devices. edifice workers can approve area picks and even monitor the check-in/checkout method via Servr’s integrated image dashboard. Its DataHub reports conjointly offer insights that are extremely useful for travel agencies and tour operators who need to grasp purchase intent and guest behavior.

Servr hotel application allows you to chat live with your guests with the translation of almost 13 languages breaking the communication barrier. And also you get a chance to promote other facilities of your hotel through the spa, restaurant, and experience page where your guests can access the offers you provide for them.

All in all Servr hotel software will help you customize your ideal application for your guests. By serving personalized, contactless experiences, you’ll have additional guests desirous to return. So to experience that, contact us now and avail your free demo. But keep in mind to keep your lobby warm, inviting, and welcoming as your going to have many visitors.


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