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What if checking into a hotel could be as easy as scanning a code on your phone? Now more than ever, the hospitality industry needs innovative solutions to attract its customers with the best service and experience. One such example is the recent adoption of wireless technologies in hotels that allow guests to effortlessly check-in and access their rooms without the need for a physical key. This widely embraced new-age technique goes beyond streamlining guest operations — the online check in app provides an extra layer of security while providing a swift and flawless method of room access. Not only is it a logical mode of operation for guests and hoteliers, but it also helps create a lasting impression as by utilizing these emerging technologies and adapting to these expected norms, you’re showing your technologically-minded customers that you understand current trends, and the countless benefits range from improved customer satisfaction and security to accrued sales and lucrative marketing opportunities.

But, are you really ready from within to take the leap and transform your check-in process? Join the revolution and find out how mobile check-in can help boost brand loyalty and drive revenue today beyond your imagination.

Gone are the days of waiting in lines or running around frantically to find help- now you can take full control of your experience thanks to dedicated online check in app systems and AI  emulations which have now become an inevitable reality in this massively unprecedented industry. Hotels are increasingly offering innovative technology to allow their guests to order food, reserve transportation, and discover attractions all through their phones; and now more than ever it is possible to go absolutely wireless with whatever interaction you partake in with your guests and let them revel a stress-free stay, devoid of any botheration.

By sending guests a link via an app or email, this technology ensures that the entire procedure is as smooth and reliable as possible. All your guests’ personal and reservation details are verified before they arrive. They’ll get a confirmation with a unique code to unlock their room right away they arrive. Plus, once your guest is on-site they won’t need to fumble around with a key- just make them scan the wireless key reader, and voila – the reserved room becomes instantly accessible for them to unwind, relax and loosen up in the warmth all they desire! Technology is dramatically moving forward at an uncapturable pace and making the travel industry cosier and more flexible with the passage of time – how else do you think it will astound us in the future?

It’s no more a revelation to declare that finding ways to ensure efficient, secure, and convenient check-in/out for guests has been the focus of many hotels around the world. Introducing keyless entry systems at hotels has been the perfect answer for customers who are pressed for time. They allow guests to bypass irksome queues at check-in and gain access to their rooms more instantaneously and comfortably. But keyless systems don’t just make the experience easier for your customers – they’re a win-win solution as they reduce the logistical burden on staff and help hoteliers better manage and protect their facilities. Hasn’t your hotel jumped on this bandwagon yet?

Also, as the hospitality sector continues to grow, savvy hoteliers are seeking ways to increase their margins through creative strategies like upselling. The benefits of this strategy can include a higher booking value and even commission if you know where to look. If you’re just getting started, here are some tips:

1) At the point of booking, present guests with options that give them greater value;

2) Give guests a chance to upgrade their room for a rebate;

3) Suggest luxury options such as on-site spas or jacuzzis; and

4) Take advantage of discounts offered for local tours and excursions. Put your guests first and upselling can become an important trend for your business!

As a responsible and diligent hotelier, wouldn’t you want to know how to ensure optimal guest contentment without sacrificing convenience or cutting down your profit margins? Talked enough of the innumerable benefits of contactless payment; let us also introduce Servr GuestX, the only automated platform you’ll ever need.

Our one-stop solution is user-friendly, customizable, and contactless — enabling you to protect your hotel system from any intrusions while offering a cherishable and convenient guest experience throughout their stay. From booking a hotel room to checking-in and out, guests now want it all done within the blink of an eyelash with contactless operations which they will feel motivated and incentivized to use. This is exactly where the top-notch AI-power Servr GuestX steps in… Our platform simplifies the mundane, time-consuming tasks and gives guests the autonomy to choose between pre-arrival check-in or self-check-in. Guests also have the ability to customize their stay and ensure that all their preferences are met at every stage of the experience.

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