Happy Guests, Happy Hotel

There are different types of guests like leisure guests or corporate guests but as hoteliers, our top priority is to provide an exceptional experience to everyone. From pre-stay to post-stay communication it is our responsibility to make it a wonderful stay. Discover a few strategies to charm hotel visitors and increase business with us today.

  1. A strong internet presence may go a long way: First impressions are really important. The primary step in attracting visitors to your hotel, whether for pleasure or business, is to establish an appealing, effective internet presence. You may accomplish this in a variety of ways, including improving online reviews, active social media platforms, and finding the best ways to impress hotel guests to make the book with you.
  2. Memorable greeting makes a memorable stay: It is critical to impress your guests upon their arrival. It puts customers in a good mood, enhances their whole experience, and keeps them from wishing they had booked somewhere else. Traveling and picking a hotel might be stressful, therefore it’s your responsibility to alleviate that tension. This can be achieved by digital hassle-free check-in, free upgrades, and by helping with other regards.
  3. Train your employees to give first-rate service to your visitors: Your team has a significant impact on the overall visitor experience, and for certain guests, their interactions may make or break the trip. To truly wow hotel customers, you must guarantee that your team gives an unrivaled experience. It is critical to show visitors that you care about them in order to provide excellent customer service. Organize frequent training courses on the most recent customer service trends. Customers’ demands and requirements are always changing. Giving employees frequent training sessions will guarantee that the entire workforce is up to speed on trends. It also allows you to discuss any areas for improvement. Digital applications to have live chat with your team and for concierge services can help the guests reach out with their queries.
  4. Chatbots for Connecting: The significance of hotel digital transformation has grown at an astounding rate. Chatbots may be utilized to provide visitors with a faster way to contact you before and throughout their stay, for concerns such as room troubles, questions, and room service, among other things. Increase your ranking by generating reviews: Use chatbots to get feedback from guests as more than 50% of guests prefer to use their smartphones for connecting.
  5. Notify Amenities: You can notify the offers and amenities you provide even if there are various reasons for one to travel definitely amenities are eye-catchers and they play a role in the stay experience.  Notifying the guest’s application with hotel promotions is great to impress hotel guests.
  6. Communication after the stay is essential: Staying in touch with guests after they’ve left is a certain method to demonstrate that you care about their experience and can enhance your chances of a repeat booking. Communication must be timed precisely in order to sustain a good post-stay experience.  Make contact as soon as possible, request a review, and r Resolve issues quickly and professionally.  Make every effort to handle the matter and achieve a constructive conclusion. Providing promotions, whether they be a discount for a future stay or something else, will keep your hotel in the back of the traveler’s mind.  Make your offers more specific offers that are personalized to them if the guest belongs to your mailing list.

The above mentioned are just a few ways to lure in guests and make sure they stay as loyal customers. But we also have one more tip in our sleeves unfolded yet for you.  We know a simple way to help your customers get fast and contactless check-in, to get them to chat live with your team, to avail your concierge services, and many more. Sounds way more impressive and easier than our tips right? And the best part is you can avail all this with just one click. Your one clicks away to avail yourself of your free demo with our services at Servr. Get your trial now and impress your guests just the way how we are going to impress you.


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