Hotel online checkin apps

Smart technology and contactless digital interaction are currently popular buzzwords. With health and safety becoming more important to travellers, it is critical for hotels to prioritise guest safety and experience for business growth and sustainability.

Even before the pandemic, many travellers preferred self-service technology for its convenience and safety. According to a Software Advice study conducted in 2015, 60% of hotel guests prefer hotels that offer mobile check-in. Many hotel chains were implementing mobile technology to make the check-in and check-out process more efficient.

The pandemic hastened the adoption of technology. From QR code-enabled digital menus to contactless entry, hotels are taking a variety of steps to ensure that all health and safety regulations are met.

Providing a mobile check-in option to guests is one step closer (and a significant one) to provide a satisfying experience.

hotel online checkin apps for Hotels Top 5 Benefits

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top five advantages of hotel online checkin apps:

1. Save guests’ time

People, predictably, dislike standing in line. They don’t want to be kept waiting. They expect similar services at hotels as web and mobile check-in at airports, ride-sharing, and restaurant table booking through mobile become the norm. While the traditional check-in process adds a human touch, it is more time-consuming, which can be inconvenient for both staff and guests during peak season, when there is a slew of guests waiting at reception to get their room keys.

This is easily resolved by the mobile check-in app, which makes hotel check-in a matter of seconds. When guests are close to the hotel, they can check in via the app, prompting hotel staff to keep their rooms ready. They can go straight to reception, pick up the key, and proceed to their room. No more waiting, no more inconvenience.

2. Makes time for other important tasks

Providing mobile check-in options to guests has an immediate benefit for the hotelier. It saves them time, which they can put towards making the guest’s stay more comfortable. They no longer have to be stuck with waiting guests for hours, attempting to coordinate and streamline everything. Instead, they can focus on something important that will benefit the company’s bottom line.

3. Achieve seamless communication

No more guests coming up to the reception and repeating “is my room ready”. They will no longer call multiple times to notify them of their arrival. A hotel online check in apps ensures that such communication is seamless and takes only a few phone clicks. This improves the guests’ convenience and experience.

4. Higher customer retention

Did you know that customer retention is five times less expensive than new customer acquisition? One of your top priorities as a hotel owner is to keep as many guests as possible and ensure they return. This is exactly what happens when you provide them with a personalised and satisfying experience using a mobile check-in app and other amenities. They are more likely to return if they have a convenient and pleasant stay at the hotel.

5. Great online reviews

This is one of the most significant advantages when you consider how rewarding and impactful positive reviews can be for your hotel business. Returning to their experience, the guests will leave positive reviews for you because they enjoyed their stay at the hotel. This will bring you more customers and increase your revenue.

Final Words

Technology solutions enable businesses to up their game, gain a competitive advantage, and position themselves for exponential growth.

So, whether you own a small or large hotel, invest in good mobile check-in software as well as other technology solutions such as a PMS, Channel Manager, and Booking Engine. Attract guests, provide a great stay, receive positive feedback, and experience customer loyalty with just a few tech solutions tailored to your property’s needs. Improve both staff productivity and overall profits.


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