Hotel rooms are also becoming part of the internet of things. The essential hotel amenities in a guestroom are becoming increasingly digital, from streaming services to room keys on smartphones. With voice-activated controls, guests can request concierge services or temperature control at the push of a button (or tap of a finger). It might sound futuristic now, but guests will expect these trends in a few years. A forward-thinking hotelier can implement many of these innovations quickly and efficiently by making only minimal changes to a modern guestroom.

  1. Bring your own streaming:

Streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick let guests bring their own movies or shows, but they can only watch them if the hotel room TV has a USB port.  As an alternative, hotels can provide guests with a platform like Enseo, which allows them to log in to their favorite streaming accounts before checking out automatically.

  1. Wireless device charging:

It’s time to say goodbye to cords. When a device is placed on a charging “mat,” the device receives power from the mat.  A platform such as Chargifi can be used by hotels to provide wireless charging in their guest rooms.

  1. Smart controls:

Using a smartphone or other device, users can adjust and program digital controls for temperature, light, and power.

  1. Tablet-based control:

Restaurant hours, room service menus, spa services, and area recommendations should be available on an in-room tablet, which can also play music, control the room’s lighting and temperature, and make special requests. In addition to Crestron, INTELITY, SuitePad and Crave, there are many other popular brands as well.

  1. Soundproofing tech:

Noise complaints can be eliminated forever with the new soundproof windows, which use acoustic technology to minimize noise from traffic, aeroplanes, and loud music.

  1. Voice-activated controls:

With a system like Volara, you can upgrade your smart speaker to handle hotel-specific requests. Housekeeping and valet services can be requested using voice commands with these systems.

  1. Smart mirrors:

An integrated TV screen and guest room mirror provide guests with a high-tech amenity. The concierge-style feature allows guests to watch the news while shaving or brushing their teeth, check the weather, or request hotel services while shaving or brushing their teeth.

  1. Keyless entry:

The check-in process can be streamlined by using an app on a smartphone, a keypad code, or a digital version of a room key.  The keyless entry technology provided by Servr is unmatched.  Hotel apps will connect keyless entry systems with the best hotel software systems so that guests can control every aspect of their stay.

  1. Concierge video chat:

Guests can communicate with hotel staff in real-time using communication systems such as Crave by scanning QR codes. Staff can handle questions and requests quickly and efficiently without having to walk down to the front desk.

  1. Smart TVs:

The Smart TV allows guests to stream their favourite streaming services from a list of apps, whether they have an integrated internet connection or an add-on like Apple TV or Roku.  When it comes to smart televisions for hospitality, Samsung and LG lead the pack unsurprisingly.


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