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If you are a hotelier in Dubai, then listen up because the Dubai tourism sector is on the rise again and by this year it is professed that hotel occupancy rates will hit an impressive 80% – with a spike in the average daily rate (ADR) and revenue per available room (RevPAR). There exploded ginormous opportunities for hotels here with 14.36 million international visitors to the Emirate in 2022, a number which is only anticipated to outstrip pre-pandemic numbers come 2023. This Free Hotel Online Check in App is ascertained to make business more trouble-free and efficacious for hoteliers by drastically reducing the time spent operating card machines or counting cash. So it really looks like there are more than a handful of benefits to establishing a prosperous hospitality business in Dubai just yet!

2020 saw unprecedented challenges in the hospitality industry worldwide, the blame goes to the brutally gruesome outbreak of COVID-19 that had jeopardized the natural flow of this world beyond anybody’s wildest nightmares. Fast-forward two years and data obtained from STR paints a bright picture of glory and triumph. In December 2022, the room occupancy rate stood at 77% and the average daily rate (ADR) at US$240 with Revenue per available room (RevPAR) at US$186. With an impressive occupancy rate of 91%, ADR of US$480, and RevPAR of US$437, the Dubai hospitality sector made an outstanding contribution in ushering in the new year. Additionally, the UAE is investing in catering to a growing number of inbound tourists with its hospitality industry expected to expand by 25%, bringing 48,000 new rooms by 2030.

As hoteliers, staying up to date with the ever-transcending hospitality trends can open up new doors of umpteen possibilities for your business. Empirical researches show that companies implementing contactless payment facilities are able to bypass the redundantly annoying queue time for your customers, leaving you the scope to build a fruitful connection with them that apparently results in an improved LTV.

It’s about time for aspirational hoteliers like you to tap into the benefits of Servr’s free hotel online check in app if you’re genuinely passionate about witnessing your customer experience levels skyrocket.

The days of scrambling for change or card terminals to process payments at hotels are a thing of the past as providing these new-age facilities is a quick and secure way for your business to get paid on the spot with no additional processing fee. Servr’s technology in particular is fully encrypted, meaning it is almost improbable for any potential hacker to steal your hard-earned money, as well as, contactless payments come with stringent protection from issuing banks in the event of fraud.

Needless to explain, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically evolved how we do business and the hospitality sector is no exception. To survive and thrive in this predominant environment of super-conscious consumers, it’s significant to rethink how businesses operate, and that means redefining the approaches as usual. Guest safety will be top of mind, so reducing contact between guests and hotel staff as much as possible is instrumental, and henceforth, offering cashless, contactless payments such as credit cards, mobile payments, digital wallets, and even room keys is an easy way to stay ahead of this unprecedented curve. In the forthcoming years, guests will continue to be considerate of hygiene when travelling owing to which hotels must act now to adapt to these alterations and leave no stone unturned to ensure a seamless journey for their customers.

Hotel loyalty programs are becoming wide spreadingly popular – but what benefits do they really reap? VIP rewards are an extraordinary way to boost your brand’s recognition, and online reviews often escalate when customers can gain points or discounts through their hotel stay. Servr’s contactless payment systems offer extra bonuses and rewards for customers, which can range from discounted room rates, discounts at the in-house restaurant, or attractive value propositions that will help your property stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve finally zeroed in on the conclusion to opt-in for the best Free Hotel Online Check in App, you’ve come to the right place. At Servr, we launched this commission-based plan with the intent to make your hotel guest experiences more fulfilling. Now you can earn additional revenues while guests benefit from keyless entry, cardless payments, and exclusive offers tailored to their individual preferences.

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