Over the last year or so, the pandemic nearly destroyed the hospitality industry. Hotels had to close, conference companies, restaurants, bars, nightclubs also shut and so did all the associated services that make these organizations work.

But now there is light at the end of the tunnel and the world is opening up again.

However, the world is aware the pandemic has not gone away, so how we work has had to change. The most important aspect of this has been social distancing and the wearing of masks to reduce the spread of the infection.

So, although the world is opening up, we are having to interact with people in a totally different way, and one of these is still maintaining a distance wherever possible.

Home and remote working have proved to be extremely popular and safe, but establishments such as hotels and restaurants don’t have that luxury, so they also have to look at an alternate and safe way of interacting with their clientele.

One way of keeping your staff and customers safe is by keeping concierge and front desk interactions to a minimum by using technology.

Guests love their concierge. More than 50% of guests take advantage of concierge services. In larger cities, more than 70% of guests use a concierge. 

And because guests love their concierge, they are usually kept pretty busy. A way to minimize their workload is to automate it, offloading a lot more of the mundane activities to an app, leaving the concierge to concentrate on more pressing matters.

The Servr GuestX app does this by allowing most interactions to take place via an app-controlled from your mobile device.

When asked whether people would be happy using a contactless app to order from the hotel’s facilities and systems, 94% agreed this was an excellent idea and expressed real interest in using one.

Furthermore, 83% of millennials stated they would let travel brands track their digital patterns in return for a more personalized guest experience.

This means that people are open to the idea of personalized service as websites such as Amazon already offer, and it truly works.

In this instance, using Servr GuestX, everyday tasks such as booking a taxi, a table at the hotel restaurant, or maybe further afield, booking a spa trip, or even a round of golf can all be done from your phone. Also, all invoices and billing charges can be done remotely via the Servr GuestX app. This keeps a distance between your guests and staff but still allowing your establishment to offer a complete and personalized service.

Also, the hotel can advertise special offers, events, discounts, or anything it wants to via the app, and importantly, it also integrates seamlessly into your hotel’s PMS system, regardless of the system.

The Servr pricing model also means that there are no upfront costs. A commission is charged on all transactions made through the app, so operating costs are very low, and we only make money when you do.

Contactless, online and Covid safe is the way forward, and if an offering such as this keeps your customers safe and your profits buoyant, what’s not to love?

If you would like a demo of Servr GuestX or would just like to find out more, please drop us a line at [email protected], or visit us at www.servrhotels.com

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