Guest experience is a hospitality business’s main indicator of quality service. A well-rounded encounter encourages customers to return and entices new ones to give your hotel a try. A bad experience is an indicator of what needs to improve.

Many factors play a role:

Booking: If your hotel has an easy booking process, guests will be more likely to stay there.

Cleanliness: If your building provides clean eating and sleeping areas, guests will feel safer. During COVID-19, this factor has become increasingly important.

Timeliness: Guests expect quick and easy booking, check-in, and other services.

Customers expect your employees to be approachable in some situations and invisible in others. Your front desk staff, for example, should be friendly, whereas your maintenance staff should fly under the radar and not cause any disruptions.

Relevant amenities: Guests expect to be comfortable and entertained. Rooms should be comfortable and clean, and amenities such as restaurants and swimming pools are a big plus.

Local attractions: Hotels are frequently located near popular tourist attractions. They have no direct impact on your business operations, but they do have an impact on your guests’ overall experience. Giving potential guests brochures or recommendations on your website will give them an idea of what they can do during their stay.

Online: Your hotel’s online presence is also an important factor in the guest experience. You must create informative content and positively engage visitors on your website and social media accounts.

Humanitarianism: Today’s visitors are more environmentally and socially conscious than ever before. They expect your hotel to participate in humanitarian projects such as giving back to the community and using environmentally friendly office supplies.

Almost everything you do is an opportunity to improve. How do you even know where to begin? Here are some ways of improving the guest experience.

Ways to Improve Guest Experience at your Hotel

Hotel guests used to be satisfied with a quiet overnight stay, but in recent years, their priorities and expectations have shifted. Safety and technology are two growing concerns among guests.

The most significant change brought about by COVID-19 has been a greater emphasis on safety. People are more concerned about their health and cleanliness than they were before the pandemic. While many restrictions have been lifted in many places, guests will still appreciate your efforts to provide a clean environment. Here are some strategies you can use:

Contactless systems are becoming more popular in a variety of industries, ranging from food delivery and restaurants to hospitality and event planning. Many venues use QR codes for guest check-in, virtual menus, and other purposes.

You can use technology to improve the guest experience and streamline processes, such as self-check-in or instant communication with your reception staff. There are numerous ways to use new technology to meet your guests’ convenience and speed expectations.

Guest expectations are constantly changing, so it’s critical to stay up to date on current hotel experience trends. Begin by assessing your current processes to see if they can be improved. If you don’t already have one, set up a guest survey system and spend time determining where you can improve your guests’ satisfaction by personalizing the guest experience to create loyal customers.

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