Personalization is becoming increasingly important in promoting client happiness and loyalty in the hospitality business. Because today’s visitors are overwhelmed with information and offers from both hotels and online travel agencies, personalized services may be the ultimate objective that every hotel strives for.

This is a long and difficult path, but hoteliers may begin by grasping the underlying ideas and practices of hospitality customization, as well as the attendant legal and ethical consequences.

What is personalization in the industry of hospitality?

Personalization is primarily concerned with offering your guests a more relevant, tailored experience across all contact points. This might be the precise advertising your customers see after searching for information while planning their visits, unique deals on your website, or the personalized facilities and services they experience when staying at your hotel.

Personalization begins with data collection, then uses technology to transform that data into personalized messages or offers, which are then applied to every part of the visitor experience.

Why is personalization important?

Amazon, Uber, Google, and Netflix have pioneered the era of personalized experiences by leveraging data and technology, making personalization the new standard for consumer service businesses. The expectation that services should be adapted to the desires of the customers is stronger than ever. To satisfy such expectations, the hotel business must behave accordingly.

When researching and booking across channels, young travelers from the Millennial Generation desire a seamless experience that is tailored to their tastes. More importantly, OTAs have already made major investments in technology to enhance the guest experience. Hotels can’t afford to fall behind. Personalization is important to 86 % in their purchasing decisions (source) and Sixty-two % have suggested, selected, or paid extra for a brand that offers personalized service (Ibid).

How to provide personalization?

Some hotel chains have embraced personalization and are utilizing it to provide highly customized services. The most devoted customers are even assigned a personal ambassador to oversee their stay.

Contactless technology solutions from Servr enable you to do so. Servr allows you to integrate with virtually any PMS or POS system. Personalization is essential, and it can be used at all phases of the visitor experience, from pre-stay to post-stay and all in between. Contactless hospitality solutions function on the basis of the customers’ personal data, allowing hotels to respond to the preferences of individual guests.

Hotel Digital Concierge and Personalization

Personalization of services is a crucial selling feature in a post-industrial society, as it helps to elevate customer experience to a whole new level. Hotel digital concierge, a contactless solution aiding personalization, is an all-inclusive platform that integrates all of the most popular hotel services – from check-ins to contactless payments – and allows customers to control their own stay.

Such applications offer tailored services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and play a significant part in increasing the efficiency of hotel operations. Servr will help in displaying all relevant information in one location and reducing staff burden. The software operates in a contactless manner, giving all of the information that visitors require throughout their stay on their device displays and removing the need to print out expensive paper brochures.

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