hotel management mobile app

A hotel management mobile app will undoubtedly make life easier, but hotel owners and managers remain hesitant to develop one for their establishments.

The travel industry is finally recognising the pervasiveness of mobile devices in the guest booking journey.

Many hotels have optimised their websites for mobile devices and enabled mobile and Facebook booking. Few have taken advantage of hotel management mobile applications.

While more than 75% of properties recognise the value of an app, only a quarter are currently incorporating one into their business strategy. This means that hotels have a significant opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Approximately 80% of internet users browse using their smartphones, so there is a market to be exploited. An app will greatly assist you in perfecting your service in an industry where it is king. Even if you own a small hotel, this option is still viable and will benefit both parties.

Here are 8 reasons your hotel should have its own hotel management mobile app:

1. The hotel management mobile app offers a more optimised booking experience

When a traveller downloads your app, they will have immediate access to your hotel information and will be able to book with a couple of thumb touches if they so desire. This will save time on both ends and provide a more positive experience for your guest.

2. An app will help you track more guest data

An app will provide easier and more focused access to guest information and behavioural traits throughout the booking process and during their stay. When developing pricing or marketing strategies, data is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal because it allows you to make accurate predictions and informed decisions.

3. You can maintain brand awareness for your hotel

Apps are one of the most important and frequently used commodities on a person’s smartphone, so if your app has been downloaded, a user will likely see it every day and keep it in mind when looking for accommodation.

4. Increase customer service at your property

Your hotel management mobile app will assist a traveller not only during the booking process but also throughout their stay. They can use your app to order services, make purchases, select upgrades, book appointments, and so on, and you will be notified immediately. On the other hand, you can quickly notify guests of special promotions and hot deals. All requests will be organised and automated in this manner, making life easier for everyone.

5. Integrate your communication with an app

Many different communication channels, including social media, can be integrated with your app. It’s an efficient way to keep your guests informed about your property even if they’ve missed a Facebook post, a tweet, or aren’t on a mailing list.

6. Create a more effective guest loyalty program

By allowing guests to collect points for various actions they take on the app, a hotel management mobile app will provide a better platform to house your guest loyalty programme. They can then visit a hub to track their progress and potentially cash out their rewards immediately. The app can also be used to collect feedback after, or better yet, during, their stay. If you notice a less-than-positive review while the guest is still at the hotel, you may be able to correct it right away and resolve the negative feedback.

7. Use your app to act as a tour guide

You can use your app, similar to Google Trips, to give guests the best advice on where to eat, what attractions to visit, and the best sights to see in the area. You can pair this with an interactive map to help them avoid getting lost and better organise their itinerary.

8. Adapt to any language

Travellers can set the app to their preferred language, and any communication between guests and the hotel will automatically translate back and forth to avoid misunderstandings, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for both parties.


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