Before data privacy and the pandemic, a digital guest check in system was only known for streamlining existing front-desk operations.

Guest management apps (GMS) quickly became an important tool for every organization as businesses resumed operations during the pandemic; from schools to manufacturing facilities and aged care facilities, the software was – and continues to be – critical for tracking and collecting guest data while ensuring privacy and compliance.

These systems are currently addressing workplace safety and compliance issues by tracking critical guest information and preventing high-risk individuals from entering the premises.

In this article, we explore why guest management software is more important than ever.

  1. Prioritizes the safety of your staff

While guest management apps outperform traditional logbooks in terms of benefits, businesses that are resistant to change frequently pass up the opportunity because the system does not appear to solve any pressing issues.

When COVID-19 hit and businesses began reopening after lockdowns, building managers had no choice but to turn to guest management apps as an important tool to prioritize staff safety. Traditional logbooks do not ensure the safety of employees or the workplace. Guest management software can not only provide touch less sign-ins, but it can also assist with emergency evacuations, perform guest screening, and protect employee data.

  1. Mitigates health risk in the workplace

A GMS assists businesses in effectively assessing the health and risk level of any individual entering the workplace. The reception area – and guest management apps – is critical as an organization’s first line of defense in mitigating workplace health risks.

While a pandemic is not common, Covid-19 demonstrated just how adaptable today’s businesses must be. Government regulations were capable of rapidly evolving, and businesses were expected to comply quickly. With the ability to mitigate risk through screening features, an increasing number of businesses recognize the value of a guest management app.

  1. Improves building security

A guest management app can help you keep your employees and property safe by allowing you to quickly register guests in your database, ask them to sign legal paperwork, and easily identify them with guest ID badges once they’ve entered the premises. The guest management app from Swiped On can also track your visitors’ movements around your workplace. Because guests are aware that their identity can be quickly traced, any malicious intent is discouraged.

  1. Enhances the guest experience

A guest registration system is essential for providing a quick and easy way for guests and employees to enter their information. Using Swiped On’s contactless feature, guests can scan a QR code with their own Smartphone to enter information instead of touching an unfamiliar screen.

Aside from that, you can personalize the sign in screen with your own screensaver and company logo to increase the visibility of your brand and create a stronger connection with your guests. Employees are automatically notified when their guests arrive, which saves time for guests waiting in the reception area. These minor adjustments can have a significant impact on the guest experience at your workplace.

  1. Assists during emergencies

Goodbye, trusty clipboard and paper; a guest management app also assists with emergency evacuation roll calls, which is critical for the health and safety of both guests and employees. The process is simple with Swiped On, and the tablet can be easily removed from the stand, transported to the meeting location, and – most importantly – used to perform the roll call without an internet connection.

  1. Keeps a record of guests

Prepare for audits by having detailed data on hand. Guest management apps that are digital are essential for knowing who has been in your building and when. All data is recorded and securely stored in the cloud, and an administrator can easily download it when necessary.

  1. Simplifies processes by digitizing the workflow

According to Inc, when workplace distractions are reduced, 75% of employees are more productive, 49% are happier at work, and 57% are more motivated. Installing a guest management app is an important step toward reducing the burden of guest sign-in and the associated stress for your front desk staff. It gives them more time to attend to more pressing matters without jeopardizing the guest experience or that crucial first impression. When guests sign in, your front desk staff can receive an instant notification with the registered guest’s information.


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